Our exhibition 2016

Our 57th exhibition will open its doors on Saturday, April 16th and will end on Monday, 25.

It will be opened to the public from Sunday, 17 till Sunday, 24 of 14:00 in 19:00.

Opening hours to the public of Saturday, 16 and of Monday, April 25th will be later communicated.

And always room Rives Thomas for the loan of which we deeply thank the municipality.

Varnishing of our 57th exhibition

The varnishing of our 57th exhibition will take place on Saturday, April 16th 2016 from 18:00.

Photos below were taken during our 56th and 57th exhibitions

Exhibition 2016

The theme of our next exhibition is :




                                                                      i n your brushes!...

Our tutors

This year , for the first time, we set up the system of multiple tutors. This one is applied only to one workshop of thursday and will maybe widened to the workshop of monday to next year.


So This year we have :


1- Workshop of monday :


          Sylvie Vi


2- First workshop of thursday :


          Sylvie Vi


3- Second workshop of thursday :

  • Eric Balat from october till december
  • Roland Graviassy in the first quarter2016
  • Fabienne Beneitez in the second quarter2016.

Exhibition 2016

Our association will begin the preparation of its exhibition 2016 in December, the invitations will be launched from January.

You will find then on our site the modalities of registration