Salon des Peintres du Gaillacois

Since our inception in 1961,we have organized a large painting exhibition which includes work from arists throughout the region and beyond. It is generaly held during april in the Thomas Rives Room, Gaillac. The "Salon des Peintres du Gaillacois" attracts over a hundred artist, exhibitting around 300 original wirks of art and embraces all painting techniques.

For some years we have opened our exhibition to sculptors and for the first time in 2014, we opened it to photographers.


In addition, artists are invited to submit one of their three works on a theme set by the association. The theme is announced in the automn predecing the salon.


Each year we invite a "Guest of Honour" to exhibit a number of painting.

Exhibition 2012

Guest of Honour

Michel Ger

Exhibition 2015

Guest of Honour

Michèle Roques

Exhibition 2013

Guest of Honour

Pierrick Le Gac

Exhibition 2016

Guest of Honour

Olivier Bonnelarge

Exhibition 2014

Guest of Honour

Joël Kurgouale

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Other activities

Throughout the year our members participate in many artistic activities.

Les Floréales de Gaillac

Every year, our members are invited to exhibit their work paint on-site and discuss art throughout day at the town's Floréales "Gaillac" ... which take place in the beautifull Parc Foucaud on may 8.

Painters in the street

During the summer, generally one saturday of july, one day of "the painters in the street" is organized; on this occasion we invite all the artistsof thr region to participate in it that they are painters, sculptors or photographers.


The present artists during this can simply expose theiDuring r works paint, but also exercise their art in front of passers-by.

The association of Gaillac Open Day

In september the association is invited by the city hall of Gaillac to present its activity to Gaillacois.

Temporary exhibitions

From June till October 2015 the members of the association exposed one around thirty their works to the restaurant the Saint Pierre places of the Liberation to Gaillac

Our travels

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Visit to Rodez in 2015

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Visit to Amsterdam in 2015

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